2015 marks the 800th Anniversary of the pledging of Magna Carta, please check out this set of short films about the event, their causes  and the legacy to our modern world, Magna Carta – The Whole Story

 Salisbury is perhaps singular amongst European cathedral cities in that it was conceived and built as one whole scheme on a completely virgin site, thus the creativity of the planners to relate to existing patterns or to create their own, knew no bounds.

It is some elements of that plan that this work aims to discuss.

This blog shares my discovery of some lost knowledge, of sacred views and arrangements of stonework into a theatre for symbolic astronomic events, and for the casting of shadows other than a cross.

Some may question my findings, and I would welcome constructive criticism or comment.  I do not claim to have looked into every aspect of my findings – there could always be more to see and do – but I do stand by what I here present, as evidenced in photography.



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